Image Hosting and Flickr

Typlog image hosting is for functional images. Use Flickr for your beautiful photos.

Typlog has a built-in image hosting service. You drop an image into the writing area, and Typlog will upload the image automatically.

Typlog Hosting

Typlog image hosting is designed for functional images which are used as an explanation. For instance, a screenshot.

Typlog will resize every image. A limitation of 1440px width is applied to every image. There is no limitation on how many images you can upload, but don't abuse it.

Flickr Hosting

Flickr is a good service for your photos. You can manage your daily life photos, your traveling photos and all other photos on Flickr.

Typlog has an integration of Flickr, connect it on your profile page. You can insert your recent Flickr photos on the writing page with the Flickr button at the bottom.