Choose a Content License for Your Works

Added Support for Creative Commons Licenses and More


Typlog has been polishing every detail of its content experience. Since the early days, our users have dedicated some serious works and the creations are still flourishing. We highly value them and decide to take one further step ––

gladly announce that Typlog now supports content licensing.

Available Licenses fall into two categories:

  • Creative Commons 4.0 International (some rights reserved);
  • Public Domain or Creative Commons Zero (no rights reserved).

To understand more about the difference and which license to adopt, check out Creative Commons's license chooser tool.

cc license spectrum
“Creative Commons License Spectrum” by Shaddim (CC BY)

License can be applied to either the content of whole site or of a single post.

We recommend that you choose a general license for site; if you need a different license for a particular post, you can specifically declare another license for it.

Setting license for the site

In the admin panel, go to setting → general → content licensing.

setting license for site
We also provide brief explanations and the license chooser tool within setting

Setting license for a post

Go to posts → edit post → setting (the little cog⚙️ before "preview" button) → extra → content licensing, then you get to adopt a license for the post.


License display
Giving proper crediting guidance

License of your choice will be displayed at the end of each post, with a link to license summary available in multiple languages.

Some rights reserved
Except where otherwise noted, content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.