Generate Episode Cards That Are Easy to Share

Generate Episode Cards That Are Easy to Share

Visualizing your voice makes it social-network-friendly

Audio is not as eye-catchy as images. Social networks are effective at spreading videos, images and texts, but not as much for audio. No one is going to find out unless they click the button and, actually listen to it. Even if you have prepared quality content, it is likely to lose the competition over capturing people's attention among other fancy posts. Let Typlog enhance your outreach strategy with this beautiful sharing card, tailored for social network platforms.

Access to the service

This service is experimental, so you can find it in Lab of the admin panel. Note that Lab is exclusive to desktop users, so you might need to switch to the desktop web first.

Lab Tools.png
Navigate to Tools in Lab

Choose your desired layout for different SNS

For the best result, we recommend using Chrome while playing with this feature.

A square card and a rectangular card are available for now (both named after mythological creatures, in case you wonder).

You can choose from the latest episodes. With one single click, boom! The card is generated instantly.

If you are satisfied with how the card looks, right click and save it (Safari doesn't support this feature yet).

Choose card and content.png

Customize the card

If you want to go further to the scrutinies, it's fine too.

  1. Pick a catchy cover from the image library or stock photos.
  2. Edit text. You can adjust the title text's return position to a more favorable fashion.
  3. Fill in or edit the URL.
  4. The card will contain a waveform by default. If you are not into it, switch it off.
  5. Click 'generate' to see the card. Make sure that you scan the QR Code before saving it. If the code is unscannable, select a higher QR Code complexity. The higher the complexity, the uglier the code looks, but it will ensure that the code is more recognizable by scanners.
Customize card.png
Customize card