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The official blog of Typlog.


Typlog 有了新的后台,欢迎前来体验。

New Dashboard

Typlog has a brand new dashboard now. Discover it yourself.



Links in Posts

Typlog will embed links from some websites automatically.

Integrating with Mailchimp

Add a mail list subscription form on your Typlog blog.
The Lotus Theme

The Lotus Theme

An introduction of the Lotus theme. The Lotus theme is designed for poems and essays.

The Snow Theme

The Snow theme is designed for your daily writings. It is pure, simple, and elegant.

图片及 Flickr

Typlog 内置了功能性图片托管服务。你可以绑定 Flickr 来插入你的照片类图片。

Image Hosting and Flickr

Typlog image hosting is for functional images. Use Flickr for your beautiful photos.