How to Setup Disqus

Here is a step by step guide for you to setup Disqus on Typlog.

Disqus is a comment system for any websites. In order to use disqus, the very first step is creating a disqus account. Sign up an account at

Register Site

  1. Register your site at

    Register Site
  2. Fill your Website name:

    Fill Website Name

    Please note here, "Your unique disqus URL will be". For instance, in the photo above, we can get the disqus shortname: hsiaomings-blog.

  3. Customize Your URL:

    However, you can also customize your disqus shortname. Click "Customize Your URL",

    Customize shortname

Then, you can finish your registration.

Fill your shortname

Head over to Typlog Admin, go to your site "Apps".


Fill the disqus shortname you got from previous step.

One more Step

Typlog has a built-in disqus proxy for China users. In order to make sure your comment system works for China users, you need to enable "Guest Commenting" in Disqus.

Allow guests to comment

Allow guests to comment in disqus community settings.