How to Redirect Old Post URLs in Batch

How to Redirect Old Post URLs in Batch

Import redirects mapping with a CSV file.

If you're migrating to Typlog, there might be some old URLs in your old blog posts or podcast episodes that you would like to make sure still works.

Say you have a link in one of your post that directs to your another post Hello World

[Hello World](

But after you have imported all the posts to Typlog, Hello World now moves to

When your readers click the link, they will encounter a 404 error. That's when you need to use the redirect tool to make sure every in-site link doesn't break.

The Hows

  1. Create a .csv file.
  2. Fill cells with the URL path you want to redirect in the following order: from, to, status code.
  3. Save the file. Go to Settings → Migrations → Import Redirects. Upload the .csv file and Typlog will handle the rest.


You can create the .csv file with excel or other softwares:

fromPath toPath status code
/posts/hello /hello 301
/posts/about /about 301

It is also possible to create it with a pure text editor. CSV text format looks like this:


Note that only 3xx status codes are allowed. For the full list of redirection codes, check out MDN: HTTP response status codes. In most cases you only need 301.