Pricing Updates

Happy Thanksgiving. Subscribe Typlog for just $2.5/month.

Typlog has been blessed with warm loves from our users this year. To better maintain the service and for future improvement, we have adjusted a more flexible pricing strategy:

  1. Plans are now attached to sites instead of accounts.

This means you can have multiple active plans in the same time. Since each plan is tied to a single site, you may switch to whichever plan that best suits your needs for each site.

  1. Blog sites and Podcast sites offers separate plan options.

    For bloggers, the former Basic plan is now upgraded as Standard. Same price, plus the new collaboration feature that was previously only available to Team users.

    The Pro plan that has long been requested by our users is finally available. Uploading HD images, customizing styles, or protecting your own content with password – everything that is essential to a professional blog now becomes handy in Typlog.

    Podcasters get their upgrades too. We now accept audio uploading up to 150M with Pro plan. Contact us if you need bigger space.

  2. Sale Pricing for blogs

    We are offering a very low price for blog starters, as low as $2.5/month if subscribing annually.

Q: How will this affect my current subscription?

This change will not affect existing subscription as long as the subscription is not expired. It’s completely up to our existing subscribers whether to update to the news plans.

Q: I only have one blog, which plan should I switch to?

For people who only has one blog and not much needs for images, you may switch to the new Basic Plan for as low as $2.5/month if subscribing annually.

Q: I currently have a podcast site and want to upload audios with bigger size, is it possible now?

Podcast plans are now much more flexible. You can check pricing to see the new audio upload limits for each plan.

What’s better: if you wish to switch to the new plans, we offer a 40% off discount for your next 12 months’ subscription. Contact us!

Cyber Monday Sale

Black friday sale, we offer a 20% off coupon as a way to say thank you.

Sign up with this link, and subscribe a plan before Dec 1.