Typlog now supports PubSubHubbub (aka WebSub) protocol.

It has been a while since Typlog integrated PubSubHubbub.

PubSubHubbub lets Typlog push post updates to feed readers. It was originally created by Google. Now it becomes WebSub, an open protocol under W3C.

There are two benefits of PubSubHubbub:

  1. Feed readers can get real-time updates with PubSubHubbub
  2. PubSubHubbub can reduce the requests between feed parsers and Typlog

The real-time feature is not important nowadays. People can get your post updates through social medium immediately.

The great thing is PubSubHubbub is efficient. Without PubSubHubbub, feed parsers need to download every feed and check every item in the feed, then repeat this many times a day to stay up to date. It is a waste of energy and bandwidth.

With PubSubHubbub, whenever you write or update a post, Typlog will notify the "hub", which is Feed parsers that support PubSubHubbub then get a notification that your feed has new content. In this way, feed parsers don't need to download your feed many times a day. Instead, they will download only once a day if your feed supports PubSubHubbub.

Many feed parsers support PubSubHubbub, including:

Typlog also supports PubSubHubbub for podcast feeds.

We don't know how many podcast apps support PubSubHubbub, maybe it is not a familiar technology in the podcast area. However, there is a giant supporting PubSubHubbub – Google Podcasts. It even recommends the use of PubSubHubbub especially.