Layouts, Podcast and Membership

Recent updates on Typlog, three major features in these days.

It has been a while without updates. Typlog is still rolling out new features in these days, without any blog posts on them. Here are the three major updates.


Typlog has updated its layout themes. Currently it has two layouts: 根津/NEZU and 上野/UENO, the default layout theme is NEZU.

Switch your blog layout at Design Settings.


Typlog has a Podcast feature now. Every early member will get one Podcast for free. Turn it on in the Labs.

If you don't know Podcast, don't worry, just ignore it. Podcast is hard, it is not for everyone. Here is a Podcast host on Typlog:



With the membership feature, you can create member only articles. Turn it on in the Labs. Fill a URL in labs to show how people can subscribe a membership for your blog.

You may create a Page in Typlog to describe your membership plans. In the page, you can describe how people can pay you, e.g. a PayPal link, Alipay QR code etc. It can also be a link outside of Typlog, for instance:

The URL you provided will be the link of "SUBSCRIBE" in the above image. When people subscribed your membership, you can manage the member email in Typlog.

Manage membership

Your members can log in with the emails you added in your membership. Members can read all the member only articles from the given start time to end time.

Toggle on the META editor to create a member only article.